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TGIF celebration calls for some self-indulgence with bubble tea! At Hollin, one can never give the rock salt macchiato series a miss. T'was love at first sight when I first tried the pink grapefruit series. This time, i'm giving caramel a try! At 0% sugar, the caramel fragrance was a lot more pronounced. As always, the creamy rock salt foam layer completed the drink incredibly well. I like to give it a swirl and mix it when my cup is half empty. The 50-50 ratio gives rise to a pretty intense, 'milky'/ 'creamy' drink.This time, I've decided to add rock salt pearls too (Friday's flavoured pearls). It was ....a small disappointment! Given their specialty in rock salt drinks (& doing incredibly well in it), I would expect intense rock-salt flavoured pearls. Unfortunately, it simply tasted like any other normal pearls - in fact, just chewy and pretty much tasteless. It doesnt even taste salty too. I'll probably stick with pearl-less drinks in future!