There is, quite literally, new “Art” at the National Gallery of Singapore.

How apt that Chef-owner Beppe De Vito has relocated and relaunched his in one of the most iconic heritage buildings in our country, and home to over 8,000 works of art. His medium of choice is one I happen to appreciate very much and thus, was most excited to attend a showing thanks to the invitation of Janet, P.R. Director of the Il Lido Group.

The man is a maestro. Drawing from memories and using choicest ingredients from Italy, he drew gasps from both Denyse Yeo of @oishiisg magazine and myself with his style of delectability. Across canvasses of various sizes, he demonstrated a flair for colour and elegant form, pulled together by his exquisite taste. Different produce, all beautiful by nature, were rendered, several with oil (olive, from Chef Beppe’s own farm, to be specific), into interpretations that left a deep impression. Below are those from the meal which resonated most strongly with me:

1. The complimentary potato focaccia - so fluffy and fragrant with pesto, pink garlic and Chef Beppe’s own olive oil.

2. The entire collection of snacks - thoughtful and incredibly detailed small bites bursting with deliciousness.

3. The tuna belly carpaccio with Piemonte hazelnuts and truffle - I was swooning over this course.

4. The Italian seabass - only those 2.5kg and above make the cut because the flesh is firmer and has more flavour. It’s served with an emulsion of Colatura di Cetara sauce, fresh apple juice, apple vinegar and his own olive oil.

6. The tiramisu - a finely wrought, decadent sculpture concocted from gianduja chocolate, hazelnut gelato, espresso and marsala.

In case you are curious, the Degustation Menu at “Art” comes in different sizes of 3, 4 and 5 course options priced respectively at $78, $108 and $138 (before taxes).