This is minced raw beef with sukiyaki sauce, raw egg yolk and spring onion. There are no words adequate to describe how ambrosial this dish ($20) tasted.

The beef is so soft, tender and fatty, it just melted in my mouth like butter. The sukiyaki sauce was that perfect mix of sweet and salty, bringing forth the umami flavors of the beef. And the egg yolk was the magic that brought it all together; by mixing it with the sukiyaki sauce, it formed a thick, sweet, rich gravy that coated every single piece of beef, ensuring that every mouthful exploded with flavor. The portion of sauce to beef was perfect, and the spring onions added just that slight tinge of freshness and crunch.

What a perfect marriage of flavors, and what a way to make minced beef (not the most glamorous of cuts) really shine.

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