Yanxi Palace Steamboat is a newly opened hotpot restaurant located at The Great Ballroom @ Hotel RE!, offering a premium hotpot experience with soup bases that are all made from scratch, doubled boiled and simmered on stove for hours!

Choose from 8 soup bases, like Imperial Elixir Youth Soup, Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, Mala Soup and more! I’d highly recommend the first 2 soup bases; the Imperial Elixir Youth Soup is rich in collagen while the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall soup is brewed using the finest ingredients and herbs such as Ginseng! Both soups are really nourishing, and taste great too!

Their menu covers a great selection of dishes from premium Wagyu beef to Seafood and really insta-worthy ones like Rose Tofu, Rose Beef Tongue, Seafood Lollipop, Organic Handmade Rainbow Noodles and Ice Jelly Desserts!

Opening Promo till 13th December 2020 (not valid for Fri, Sat, Sun, PH & PH Eve):
~Wagyu, Flower Crabs and Black Pork at only $1 per plate! (Choose 1 from the 3, limited to one order per table & only 20 servings per day)
~Free-flow homemade desserts
~20% off after 11pm

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