Went on a weekday, price of sunbed rental has increased to $30 and comes with 2 cups of coke/ sprite/ ILT. Ambience was great and service was wonderful; staff was very attentive.

Ordered the Coastes Breakfast ($23) consisting of grilled pork sausage, thick cut bacon, sauté mushrooms, spinach, roasted tomatoes, creamy scrambled eggs, toasted sourdough bread and complimentary tea/ coffee (I had Iced Latte which was pretty good). Absolutely loved the dish, specifically the roasted tomatoes and creamy scrambled eggs!

Also had the Rösti With Smoked Salmon And Scrambled Eggs ($18); the eggs originally offered were poached eggs but my companion doesn’t eat poached eggs so we informed the cashier and made the order and payment online. Rosti was really crispy but shredded really thinly. On the good side, it didn’t get soft despite being topped with smoked salmon and eggs. Flavour was just nice as well. Smoked salmon was a really generous portion but made the dish really salty, we we paired it with the toast from our Coastes Breakfast.