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Their incredibly satisfying ramen broth is brewed for 8 hours. I don't care if all my hair drops off -- I always slurp down every last drop. .

What I think sets them apart is the fact that the basic tonkotsu ramen is only $10.90 despite being a comfortable ramen restaurant with booths! You can also get all toppings for only $4 more than the basic tonkotsu ramen. And I meant it when I say there are a lot of toppings -- not only do you get the requisite ajitamago eggs and seaweed. You also get an extra slice of pan-seared chashu, and a serving of buta shogayaki (stir fried pork slices)! They also have free flow moyashi (marinated bean sprouts) which I take full advantage of 🤤 .

I really like the ramen here, and I would say it's broth is like Keisuke's or better. I think it's better, though, because there usually aren't long queues here, and you don't have to sit at small cramped tables like you do in Keisuke. . {Rating: 10/10}

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