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With the theme song from "The Flintstones" cartoon show running through my head, the caveman in me was unleashed to attack this brontosaurus-sized Tomahawk Steak. I wasn't going in alone; there were three other equally gung-ho diners with me.
The meat was juicy, tender and had done-ness ranging from medium-well at one end to mostly medium-rare (which means all of us found slices that suited our preference).
We also scooped out the bone marrow to have on its own - I have to warn you, it was exceedingly rich and guilt-inducing.
For our choice of two sides, we went with the green beans sautéed with strips of ham and the duck fat fried potatoes. Both were really satisfying.
After having the fresh oysters and pull-apart bread for starters, followed by this gigantic serving of steak, we were so completely filled we had to think very hard if we could squeeze in desserts.