The cold brew wasn’t as fruity as others that I’ve tried. If you prefer your coffee with nut milk, you should definitely try this! There’s a strong nutty taste with a great, smooth blend between the coffee and the milk.

The iced coffee with jelly was a pleasant surprise — the jelly added a nice coffee kick. The coffee jelly melts in your mouth, adding a different dimension that’s not too abrupt. You won’t have to chew the jelly!

The muffin is made with Marou chocolate, a brand in Vietnam. I was delighted to find it here in Singapore! If you prefer your muffin to be on the denser side, this muffin may not be for you. It feels more like a cupcake than your normal dense muffin.

Overall, I loved coming here! Drinks are very worth it with Burpple Beyond. Plus points for great and very nice staff!