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We went for their most ex MS 4-5 Wagyu on their menu which turned out short of expectations.
It didn’t help that while waiting for our steaks, we saw a table rejecting their steak repeatedly, overhearing it was lacking in taste. Their staff who didn’t seem to understand much about steak when taking order also had us feeling a little concerned about how our steaks would turn out.
Our verdict: while the cut was still alright; we felt that the execution didn’t do it much justice. It was a tad too salty and we didn’t really get that taste of a good beef.
Having looked at the kitchen staff grilling the steak behind the glass, we felt sorry for the beef that looked like it was being abused over the flames. Quite an irony that they wanted an open concept to let customers watch how their steaks would be grilled.
The wire mesh over the charcoal grill was also in a bad state, much like the poor overused condition of the wooden planks that our steaks were served on.
It was quite a shame that the place couldn’t bring out the goodness in their steaks that would otherwise be desired. Even with a 1-for-1 discount, the various factors wouldn’t draw us back.

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