Located hidden inside one of the alley in Old Klang Road (the road leading to SJK(C) Choong Wen and it’s just before the post office), Pu Yuan Restaurant is like a “speakeasy” version of traditional Hokkien restaurant spot. Finding this place is kinda tricky, because the place is quite secluded and the restaurant’s door is shut all the time, restaurant signboard is just merely a simple one too..

When we arrived at the doorstep, I was like ” This is a restaurant? For real??“. The crowd inside are regular Chinese people, it was not too crowded during our visit.

We ordered their famous Chao Shu Fen (of course) and Fried Tang Hoon. Their Chao Shu Fen looks almost similar to fried kuey tiao, it is fried with bean sprouts, cabbage, pork slices, and crispy lards. The taste is definitely not like fried kuey tiao taste, it was tender and chewy with the “burnt wok” taste =D
My favourite is still their Fried Tang Hoon, which is basically fried glass vermicelli noodles loaded with prawn, pork slices and chinese cabbage. The noodle is soft but quite chewy too compared to normal rice vermicelli, it was rich in flavour in overall.

Despite of their shabby looking restaurant, this place serves very delicious and definitely authentic Hokkien dish in town! Would definitely come back for their other interesting dishes like Oatmeal Popcorn Chicken and Honey Pork dish!

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