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Ordered their pretty affordable Spring Chicken Set (S$12.80) to share between two people, which consisted of a piping hot whole fried chicken, fries and coleslaw! What really stood out to me was the crispy and flavourful skin of the chicken, and also the tender chicken meat beneath the layer of fat! 👅 The chicken meat, though I felt wasn’t as tasty as the skin, was hardly dry and needed no additional sauce!
While I felt the coleslaw was rather generic, the fries pleasantly surprised me as it retained its crispness even though I only tried it after polishing off my chicken 😱 Munch the coleslaw with the fries for an unexplainably delish combination!

Service at the store was great too, whereby all the staff greeted you with a smile, and one of the staff even took the initiative to adjust the temperature of the air-conditioning when the customers beside us expressed discomfort as it was too cold! Don’t know who their manager is but I’m pretty certain they deserve some sort of recognition.

Overall, a really satisfying dinner on a weekday night! Saw many people ordering takeaway too! 🤗