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[Invited Tasting, 2/6] Continuing from yesterday's pizzas, we also got to try their Pulled Beef Mantou Sliders.

While I did appreciate the idea of localising the slider here, I felt that the mantou buns were much too oily to work. Also, it was inevitable that every bite would result in juices leaking out of the sliders. Still though, I will give it to them on the fact that the pulled beef was rather tender, and the mantou lent a slight mentega manis (sweet butter) flavour to it, which made it more palatable despite its shortcomings.

I think the biggest problem you will have with this is the price. 3 pieces for $9+ is what it's going for. But of course, if you're keen to try it, why should that be of concern, right? 😹 (6.7/10)