Have that sudden craving of something Spicy and crunchy with a Mexican flare to it! In uptown, there is an eatery which has replaced the old Hail’s dessert with that fiery Mexican fun, full of spice and flavours named Orale! This has made the waves around town with its pulled beef burrito and the carne asada burrito! Their other feature is the Bella’s Beef Nachos (RM13) which is a fan favourite in this restaurant! It’s a perfect sharing portion for 2-3 friends alongside those fantastic burritos or taco! This Bella’s Beef is a feisty bowl of crunchy deep fried taco chips layered with generous amounts of smoked ground beef that was laced with a sumptuous coating of spices that make you want to dive in more and to topped it all of; it was showered even more decadently with a thick layer of melted cheese and those citrusy diced tomatoes, cucumber and onions that just ties this song of flavour together in your mouth!