Nasi Campur Babi is basically a medley of pork selection in one dish where they ‘campur’ everything into one plate. It is their version of pork mixed rice that includes homemade dishes like BBQ pork, roast pork, sweet pork satay, braised pig ear, siomay (better known as siew mai), soy egg and fried prawn beancurd roll. We are also given a choice between jasmine white rice or fragrant chicken rice.

The rice comes pretty fragrant and well-executed with a strong aroma of Hainanese chicken rice that we are familiar with. The fragrant chicken rice complemented the sweetness of the pork and balanced out the smoky flavour of the BBQ meat. The roast pork meat was more on the lean side but lost its crispiness on the skin. My favourite out of the bunch was the char siew. It was well marinated, sweet on the outside and provided a good chew/bite without being overly fatty 》$12.88