As I’ve mentioned previously, it isn’t quite fair to judge on its pastas, as it’s a flame grilled specialist. The grilled meats are what it should be judged by, and their Duck Breast with Confit Endives and Apple Purée ($32++) is a decent entrée to be judged by.

As the more eagle eyed of you may have noticed, the duck breast is grilled to medium well instead of the usual medium rare. Our party of eight included a pregnant mother, and I applaud the attentiveness & proactivity both the waitstaff & kitchen to accommodate her. Even though the duck breast wasn’t mid rare, it was still rather tender, and the copious amounts of fat under the skin have been adroitly rendered out, leaving behind a charmingly charred & crisp skin.

The savouriness of the duck is amplified by the stunning smokiness imparted by the flame grill. The rich, salty glaze adds depth of flavour and extra moisture to the red meat, superbly satiating any carnivore cravings you may have. There’s no risk of this duck getting too salty, as the sweet & sour apple purée rebalances all that meaty saltiness, cleaning out your palate and readying you for a second slice of smoky duck.

It’s a good thing that the head chef at Lumbre had the wisdom to pair the duck with confit endives, as the duck alone would’ve been quite lacking as an entrée. The slow cooking of the endives in fat have siphoned out most of the bitterness, leaving a pleasantly herbal & sweet flavour behind. The endives are a fork poke away from disintegrating, and they are felicitously fatty thanks to the slow cook in fat. Great way to eat your greens, if you ask me.

When it comes to the duck, Lumbre certainly doesn’t duck the vibe check, instead passing it with aplomb and some flair. Now we’re really getting stuck into the meat of the matter alright.

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