This place was first discovered by my dad.
Dad: Son, there is this stall which served porridge tasted like the ones back home (Hong Kong). Me: Really? Then we must go try.
During my first visit, I was greeted by this uncle wearing a white T shirt and super tight white apron at his waist with a strong Cantonese ascent. Immediately I could relate his image with a Hong Kong chef. In my mind I was thinking - how can the food not be good???

After my first visit, I was shocked by the similarities and since then it had became our regular inter-Asia breakfast spot and our usual order ⬇️.

根叔 (Owner): cuttlefish porridge, three bowls, carrot cake and glutinous rice
Roti Uncle: 2 egg and 1 plain
Uncle: 2 kopi, 2 teh and 1 kaya toast

Even though the media had lengthen the Q of these stalls, the food was still gooood. 😋