PRICE: $126 (5 adults)
Inclusive of medium steamboat $43, half chicken $19
*No prices on menu, yikessss*

WAITING TIME: What waiting time? Everything came within 5 minutes. Even the cooked dishes. We were seriously amazed.

- Soup was totally bland at the start, I had to add soya sauce into my own bowl of soup
- Soup became really pretty salty towards the end
- Standard old-school steamboat ingredients. None of that fancy fish glue, prawn glue and whatnot.
- The youngsters at our table liked the Hainanese pork chop, the older folks not so
- Loved the chicken rice
- The omelette reminds me of pancake in a good way. Hated the bittergourd though.
- HOT AND SWEATY cos we were seated near the kitchen. There was no fan nor aircon near us. NEED to pick our own tables next time instead of getting assigned to such a bad table.