Tasty roasted pork bowl but the "meat" was 90% fat, even fat-loving me found this dish too jelak. Second visit here and so far I would say the localised cafe food they offer is hit or miss - hae bee hiam pasta $17.90+ has no HBH at all, more like a chilli oil pasta. Muar otah toast $15.90+ is great, but the walnut bread that they serve it on is too hard for me (would prefer a softer bread like Brioche). But the drinks are unique (I like the Matchaccino), it's in my hood, and has a more local clientele vs. Baker & Cook at the other end of the block.
🚗 : parking very limited due to residential (landed houses) location.
💡 : you can get small discounts ($2-5) if you order via the eatsy app.