Watching the preparation of this yusheng shocked me, but tossing the ingredients shocked my family further. Maki-San's Huat's Up! Yu Sheng may cost just $28.80, but it is LOADED with an abundance of ingredients. There's shredded carrot, shredded cucumber, crepe and soy strips, dried cranberries, shrimp bonito, takuan, kani strips, glass noodles, salmon sashimi (opted for this instead of the smoked version), plum sauce, and tempura crunch! *breathes*

Sadly, the taste of this yusheng fell flat. There were just too much shredded carrots and cucumber that the sides with stronger flavours (such as the sweet cranberries, salty bonito, and tart takuan) couldn't stand out. The sauce, too, wasn't sufficient to make this yusheng appetising. And the tempura crunch, as expected, unlike the golden crackers, turned soggy after a while.

All in all, there was just a very mild sweetness along with tons of salad freshness and nothing else - no sourness, no saltiness, no addictive crunch. Feels like an attempt to increase profits by yet another eatery during the festive season, but this yusheng is an unfortunate creation.