Checked out Black Mamba; a small hole-in-the-wall at 600 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh (the same building that houses The White Restaurant's Toa Payoh branch) serving Charcoal Froyo in several cup sizes as well as alongside molten lava cakes. There are two tables for dine-in, which seats four each.

Black Mambo claims that their Froyo helps digestion, especially since both yogurt and charcoal are said to carry health benefits in relation to the digestive system. That aside, the Froyo itself bears much resemblance to other Froyo out there; smooth, creamy with a short hint of sourness that is rather appealing for a dessert. For the fun size, one can pick a sauce and a topping — went for the Crocro Milk sauce and Dried Cranberries topping; the sauce was a milk chocolate sauce with chocolate pearls within to crunch on. At $4.90, re pretty decently sized and is a pretty good option for grab-and-go dessert in the area.