Admittedly, this was pretty darn good. We got ours with an order of red grouper, which came in a clear broth with watercress, seaweed, diced yams, and Chinese cabbage. The soup on its own was great: sweet, not overly salty, very very easy to drink. The fish was super fresh and chopped up in large meaty chunks (much preferred over the usual thin slices) which made it a delight enjoyed with a dab of their homemade sambal. What I found really shiok was they’ve got a full-blown menu of steamboat items (from homemade meatballs to beef shabu with crazy marbling) for you to have with the steamboat, as well as a large zi char menu! Their zi char items are better than average I’d say with a really large variety of seafood items, but if you aren’t too hungry and there’s one thing you must definitely try: it’d be the steamboat.

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