• Chicken Burger (S$7.90, + S$2 for drink & seaweed fries)

Crispy fried chicken with a slice of cheese and veggies in between the buns, pretty decent. Seaweed fries was good, comparable to 4fingers one.

• 2-in-1 Jjampong - original & Jiaiang Myeon (S$11.90)

The jjampong was incredible salty (msg max), filled with squids and kimchi bits. The jiaiang myeon was clumpy in the sweet-savory black bean sauce. Overall, the portion was little.

• Jinjja Wings - soy garlic (6pcs - S$7.90, + S$3 for drink & tteokbobbki fries)

Soy garlic wings are crispy and not overly salty. Don’t bother ordering the tteokbobbki fries because it’s just 3 non-amazing tteokbobbki added on top of the fries.

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