If you have not tried the meats from Roast Paradise before, they are undoubtedly one of Singapore’s best roast meat stalls. If you are getting the ala carte order of their roast meats, they are priced by the grammage and you will feel that every bite is worth your money, especially the nicely caramelized KL style char siew. The cut of char siew here is fattier than others which gives it all the flavour and oiliness that coats your lips beautifully. To me, the best part are the charred ends, which gives a slight bitterness to contrast with the sweet savoury marinate. An absolute must-order if you are here at Old Airport Road Food Centre.
✨ Roast Paradise
📍 51 Old Airport Road, Old Airport Road Food Centre, Unit 01-121, Singapore 390051
🛵 https://www.buy4uoldairportrd.com/
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