Quite a standard burger, overall I would say it’s slightly above average in taste but definitely a great pick for the price point after the 25% off Burpple Beyond discount.

The ground beef patty was actually a good balance of oily/tasty and dry/healthy, if you get what I mean. It definitely wasn’t oozing and dripping, but it wasn’t dead dry and tough either. Complementing it was the shop’s secret Wolf sauce (every burger shop seems to always have their own secret sauce), cheddar, sautéed onions, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. All of this goodness packed between two sesame seed brioche buns.

It was worth a try seeing that the place was fairly talked about for a period of time - but I doubt I would be back, unless either the quality and taste of food steps up or the price goes down. I find that it’s stuck in a vague middle ground where I’d rather go for something cheaper or something tastier. Especially being in a competitive mall like Funan where there are so many other food options!

We visited on a weekend evening and there were many seats available. The ambience is very much like your usual fast food chain.

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