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Today we MUNCH-ed on...🤤
📍Butterknife Folks, Funan📍
💸 Double Scoop in a cup: $9
🍡Flavours tried: Ms Maple Teatime Treat + Miso Sexy
Butterknife Folk rotates the flavours quite frequently as everything is one pan only and once it’s finished you’ll never know what comes next🧐
Super excited to share the flavours I’ve tried this time!! Ms Maple Teatime Treat was strongly recommended to us and is essentially toasted white chocolate with balsamic strawberry whereas Miso Sexy is a white miso gelato with generous sprinkles of caramelized black sesame brittle!! When they say generous sprinkles, it is REALLY generous and you could taste the strong black sesame taste in almost every bite🤩 Really glad that I gave this place a second shot because the flavours they had the previous time didn’t exactly make me go ‘wow’😂