[ yellowpink croissant ]
It’s the most eye catching and fanciest croissant 🥐with the pink wings 🧚‍♀️ and bright yellow chocolate coating ☀️ it’s filled with molten mango curd that taste really artificial eh, more like sweeten mango pudding 🥭 like that it’s truly lava-ish but would love to have more natural flavor and bites of mango inside🤔

[ mint chocolate cruffin ]
This is not good I’m sorry to say. No taste of mint or chocolate more like mint-colored custard with not very crispy external coated sticky with sugar 😥 just nope.

But I like their latte lol - it came in a big cup with a potent kick of caffeine👍

Overall, it’s definitely aesthetically pleasing, very photogenic - if you want to chase the hype, can go try once I guess🤷‍♀️