So here I am... 🎏Restoran Kimberly: Penang’s Legendary Duck Kway Chap. .
It is really one of the Best Kway Chap I've Had. 🍲 The Soup was Divine, the Kway (Rice Noodles) texture was Perfect, the Ingredients like Duck Meat, Intestines & Congealed Blood was Fresh & Clean 👍🏻 I'd actually Fly to Penang just to have a Bowl of this Goodness, that's how much I like it 😋
ACAMASTIPS💮: Just get the Big Bowl (RM10/💵S$3.30) it's just RM2 difference from the Small Bowl (RM8/💵S$2.60) There even an option to get it Dry or with Rice. Just get what everyone is having, which is Soup Kway Chap.

Mmm, that looks dam good! 😋