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Heating up the weekend with @thedonfoods World Is Mine! Pizza ($14.90). A localized Laksa-based pizza topped with white onions, chicken chunks, boiled eggs, coconut milk, tau pok [fried tofu] and heady mix of spices; replicating the aroma as well as kick of a warm and inviting bowl of laksa. But their Tater Tots Guacamole ($7.90) was right up my alley! Take deep-fried golden nuggets of happiness and adding creamy guacamole, and we have ourselves a winner. Guaranteed to be a hit, the Tater Tots was served pipping hot with a nice crunchy outside and fluffy inside to balance the smooth avocado dip. With bits of chopped onions, tomatoes and corn; the side was also surprisingly light with none of the usual oiliness that you get with fried food.