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This is probably our most frequently visited spot after trying out all its other competitors. On top of their sweet hospitality, they genuinely pride themselves in serving the freshest shabu-shabu plates, quality seafood, & a wide variety of other usual steamboat ingredients! & Unlike some places that charge you $1-3 per item, this buffet style dining certainly won’t give you a bill shock at the end of the day. Psst! Best bonus is you don’t have to pay extra for premium ingredients, order all you want! ❤️
Get a healthy selection of 10 soup bases ranging from lighter ones like herbal chicken, pork bone, collagen, mushroom or tomato, to heavier options like mala, boiled fish with Szechuan pickles, laksa, tomyum or curry!
Lunch $19.80+ | Dinner $26.80+
Feel free to DM me if you want a copy of their ingredients list (too big to post as multiple photo). P.S. not sponsored at all.
📍Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye (一千零一✌🏻)
#B1-184, Northpoint City South Wing
1 Northpoint Drive, S769098
Daily: 11am-11pm

Hi, just to check, what’s included during the Dinner time buffet but not during the Lunch buffet?