There is no mistaking that the interior is amazing but I can't say the food is above average because it was just average.

Ordered the combination special pho (RM19.90) which includes various forms of beef, the grilled lemongrass chicken bahn mi (RM12.90), and the flan dessert (RM5.90).

The broth for the pho tasted alright, it wasn't anything to shout about. Make sure to check your dish as to whether any beef balls were in there because there wasnt any in ours at first but the waiter was quick to apologise and gave us some. I would say the same goes for the bahn mi, an average dish. The serving is big and I guess that makes up for the price you pay for both dishes.

The flan dessert, however, was what I enjoyed most as the texture was just nice and it didn't come across as too sweet (altho I am a huge sweetooth).

All in all, I've tried better pho for half the price with more meat. Although I understand that quality meat is being used, the food just seemed to lack a little oomph to it when paired with the price I paid, I felt like I was paying more for being able to be seated in such a pretty place.

Rate: 2.5/5

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