Ola humans! I am back! After the long hiatus, the food gods have once again blessed me with a review!

Guess who is in Singapore for a while? Yes, yours truly. And what better way to start the day off with some pig organ soup?

The pig organ soup here is not exactly the same as Malaysia (where it's basically pepper soup), rather, the soup here is mild, warm and could use a bit more salt and pepper (nothing a little soy sauce can't fix tho) going for a price of "I can't remember", this bowl isn't terrible expensive (I remember giving a 50 dollar note and getting like 30 something in return for 2 bowls of rice and 2 bowls of the soup) and has liver, intestines, tofu, and pork meat.

So if you're in the area and need comfort food, give this a try! If livers, organs and stuff are your thing that is.