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I haven't had many experiences of pecan pie, so when I read on the walls of Steeple's Deli about how good the pecan pie was, there was not much for me to base it upon. Regardless, I don't think pecan pies are to my liking, I find them too nutty and too much to have to chew with each bite. Although the 'filling' underneath the nuts was nice and warm, it was too soft and deconstructed itself with each stab of the fork. It was reasonably tasty I guess, but I think the pecans overpower. The crust was thin and was reasonably buttery, going well to support the rest of the pie. As I said earlier, not much to say except that I don't really like pecan pie.

Heartiness (portion): 2/5
Tastiness (product): 3/5
Worthiness (price): 3/5