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I must say i was pleasantly surprised to find the actual rice inside, which was fragrant and very well cooked through so it is actually soft. I love the chicken which has a bit of the dark soysauce on it and really tender. I felt the balance of the rice with the chicken chunks is good because you won’t get too much rice in this. I finished the whole puff before i knew it! You could taste the tinge of chilli yet the sauces are kept subtle, which made it easy to finish and not overwhelming. Basically it’s like a plate of hainanese chicken rice but all wrapped into a puff! Get 2 for $3.60. Available till 28 Feb only!
I am tempted to eat it with @oldchangkeesingapore Hainanese Chilli ($5.80/bottle). Also available in Nasi Lemak Chilli and Homemade Sweet Chilli.
Psst. It kept me thinking about it so I made EU share another Hainanese Chicken Rice’O with me 🙊 I prefer eating it hot so i highly recommend to heat it up before eating!
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