Hvala, ooh na-na...half of my heart is in THIS GOMA CAKE!!! Words simply can’t describe the raw richness that this simple slice exudes, but I’ll try my best! Think moist, spongy layers of chiffon sandwiching a cream filling that is all at once earthy and nutty, rounded off by a gritty texture made possible only by the inclusion of real black sesame seeds. The layering creates a harmony that grants each bite adequate richness that - at the same time - does not overwhelm. In contrast, their 1925 cold brew is a light and slightly bitter tea with lilting floral notes that linger on your tongue - when ordered in tandem with the former, the set is undeniably a killer combination, embodying the essence of an exquisite afternoon tea!😚
P.S.: 1925 cold brew price may be wrong, no hatin’ on my poor memory pls💖