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It's been a awhile since this raved burger store entered the scene and my never exhausting wishlist of food. I stay in the west, and Golden Mile Food Centre is really not the most convenient location for a meal. After much debate, I finally made my way down to try it for myself and taste if Burgs is indeed worth the hype.

Sandwhiched between the fluffy buns with the familiar logo is a sizeable patty with cheese, green bell pepper and to my surprise, fried shallots! The patty had a good char to the sides and was cooked to a good degree. The addition of shallots made the burger stood out more, giving it an extra pop of asian flavour with a delightful fragrance that lingered. Who knew that it would be such a phenominal combination?!

The fries were decent too, with options to dress it up with different sauces such as cheese and truffle cream. On a side note, they also sell their various fries ala carte so it is great if you just want to get some extra snacks to share. Considering the price point, Burgs is one of the best burgers around and I definitelyย  see myself returning for more of these.