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And finally, this glorious dish which will occupy my foodie daydreams in the next few days. Watching the chef prepare it was magical as well; he whisked together organic eggs, ikura and a generous helping of uni together in a large bowl. Then scooped it over rice and crowned it with a bit of negitoro and wasabi.

How to describe the umami that exploded in my mouth in that first bite. The creaminess from the uni and then the richness of the egg yolks, with the ikura popping in my mouth and the rice absorbing all that goodness. I just leaned back and took it all in. And then there's the slight whiff of melt-in-your-mouth tuna in the background with the wasabi just tying all the intense flavors together.

Even the portion size was perfect; although my taste buds were screaming with pleasure any more would have been too jelak.