While it looks like a regular bowl of dry prawn noodle, what sets it apart is the homemade chilli that’s generously piled atop. The spice gradually creeps up on you with every bite, since every bit of the noodles were well coated with the chili paste. That said, the spice is definitely still manageable! ⁣

It comes with a whole variety of ingredients like bean sprouts, pork ribs, prawns, tau pok, fishcakes, and slices of hard boiled egg. Love how they paid attention to the ingredients too, with the pork ribs being tender and soft, while in contrast, the prawns were crunchy and fresh! Accompanying it on the side is a tasty bowl of herbal soup which could helped ease the spiciness for those who have a lower tolerance to spice. ⁣

They are located at Golden Mile Food Centre, which is likely to close for renovations from Dec 2020 till Mar 2021 so hurry down to give them a try!