The chilly weather lately calls for the need of a bowl of belly warming ramen! While @kanshokuramen is known for their truffle ramen, I decided to give their signature Tonkotsu ramen a try as I was craving for a classic ramen. You get to choose your preferred ramen texture and add-ons such as the Ramen egg. All it took was the smooth milky Tonkotsu broth, that was boiled over 8 hours without added MSG, to satiate my craving. The saltiness was just right with a hint of roasted nuttiness from the white sesame seeds. Might go for the soft ramen texture in future as the normal was still a little hard for me. What was peculiar, on the other hand, were the Charshu slices that tasted sweet. I’d prefer my meat to be savory. Other than that, you can tell how tender it is as it started falling apart once picked up and notice that fat pull. 😂