With the one for one promotion at Saveur’s new concept Bread and Butterfly, you can get delicious ice creams really cheap in Orchard. A regularly priced scoop goes for $5, double scoop at $8, premium flavours cost an additional $1, and the lavender cone (think Birds of Paradise but Lavender instead of Thyme), costs an additional $1 as well. You can try as many flavours as you want, and they’ve got some really interesting stuff like white chocolate miso, coconut avocado, blue vanilla and Black Sea Salt, and more.

We got the single scoop cones of the salted chocolate ganache and pistachio pecan (premium). Waiting time was a little long (~15 mins) for the cone but we were warned right before we picked our flavours.

The salted chocolate ganache was interesting, with a slight saltiness and crunchy almond brittle. I do wish the chocolate flavour was more prominent though, as it tasted more like salted caramel and caramelised almond brittle. The pistachio taste did come through, and the caramelised pecans were a nice contrasting texture with a very very subtle nutty bitterness to round off the ice cream. While both flavours were nice, I always have a soft spot for pistachio, and with pecans thrown in?! Come on. It’s a shoo in for my favourite flavour. Texture of the ice cream is on point, but it melts quite fast. I actually prefer this lavender cone over BoP thyme cones as the aroma isn’t so overpowering but still fragrant and calming. As a note, be careful with the paper casing as it doesn’t fit the cone that well and tends to drop off, or your cone might also pop out of the case!

I will definitely try to make a return visit before the 1 for 1 promo is over!