Due to the judgmental looks MooMoo (Steakout's absolutely adorable mascot) was shooting at me, I couldn't quite bear to order a beef steak. Instead, I MOOved along and ordered a K(ronenburg) Pork Steak instead. Even though the meat is marinated in the excellent Kronenburg lager, there is no hint of alcohol taste, but instead there is a subtle, sweet flavor that tangos well with the rich, savory mushroom sauce to create a flavor fiesta in your mouth. However, my two nitpicks on this otherwise divine porcine dinner are that the pork steak is too thin, and it's a little tough. Other than that, it's another moo-velously excellent dish from my favorite steakhouse. Oh and did I mention that for the month of October, an order of K Pork Steak gets you 25% off all beers and ciders? Get here and show MooMoo some love today!