My friend recommended this place and brought me here. The place was quite packed when we arrived at 12pm with people on one side waiting for their takeaways and another queueing up to order their food.

I had the Century Egg with Meat Ball Porridge ($4.50). A bowl of seasoned porridge with cubed century egg and handmade meatballs. Porridge tasted like they seasoned mainly with soy sauce. Century egg given was a good amount. Meatballs were flavourful.

My friend had the Mixed Pig's Organ Porridge ($4.50). I tried the intestine from my friend's porridge and was just wonderfully surprised. The intestine was actually very flavorful. Maybe they marinated it before cooking. Definitely would get the Intestine Porridge if I come back.
We also got the You Tiao($1). Comes in one whole piece.

Overall to me I think this is a normal bowl of porridge and I wouldn't want to wait for half an hour just to have it.