Burpple Beyond: Our Response to the Upcoming Dine-in Restrictions

Faai Di also features new items that are currently exclusive at Jewel Changi Airport such as; steamed chicken with lap cheong - a traditional Cantonese dish steamed with sesame oil and ginger slices; and Faai Di’s prawn noodle soup - which uses Ka-Soh’s signature fish soup as a base with live prawns used to morph the brothy fish soup into a heady prawn soup with a red hue.

One of my favourite item was the fried yam. The yam was very soft and perfectly cooked and fried in a nicely fried bread crust. ‘Faai Di’ (faster) check out Faai Di by Ka Soh at Five Spice Food Court at Jewel Changi.

Thanks @prcommsg for the invitation and @faai.di for having us!