Maybe I haven’t been paying close enough attention but I don’t think many seafood eateries, regardless of price point, serve fresh #turbot. And I am referring to swimming-in-a-tank kind of fresh. My dad who is Teochew and really knows his fishes, ordered one straightaway. Although it’s not cheap (our perfectly steamed 700gm specimen cost $84), we were very pleased with its medium-firm, springy and flavourful flesh and gelatinous skin.
We are sure to return to try more dishes at “Tian Tian Seafood Restaurant” because the food we had turned out to be really tasty and well executed. Plus I like the old-school vibes of the place (they even have tables spilling out into the back alley of their shophouse unit). And for those of you who work late or are on the lookout for a supper spot that serves proper hearty fare, the good news is they operate from 5pm to 3.30am.