First up the bulgogi fries, if you know me, you know that chicken up’s bulgogi fries held first in my heart cause it is the best food to eat after drinking. And this place’s bulgogi fries actually held up to that standard! Despite their bulgogi meat there isn't as much, but I would say that it still tastes really good with the freshly fried fries! 

Along with it are two mains; Luke’s Favourite and striploin steak. Both are equally good, but I am a meat person, so I love their striploin steak even more. For Luke’s favourite, it is more wholesome and healthy with salmon, poached egg and salad covering wholegrain rice. Despite, it being like a real healthy dish (something I won’t go for or touch), I actually ate almost half of the portion! It.Is.Seriously.Good for a healthy dish!

Satisfaction : 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤🤤
Price: $20/pax (excluding drinks)

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