New lunch place to check out! @CafeNidoSingapore is located at Hotel Yan, along Jalan Besar (food heaven). It's really nice and airy, quiet too. They serve up cafe favourites with an Asian twist. Eh, really nice lei. No lie. I've two favourites there already. The first is the Beef Rendang Dippers. The thick, chunky sauce reminds me of American chilli, but has a distinct Asian flavour with lemongrass and other rendang spices mixed together with succulent minced beef. While lacking a spicy punch, it makes up for it with its full flavour and satisfying meat and onion chunks. The best part of it is the dippers though. The owners had potatoes specially cut into spoon-like fries for this dish. Each dipper is sturdy enough to let you scoop up a hearty spoonful of sauce, but has crisp, thin edges that bring out the fluffiness of the potatoes. It's exactly like what thick-cut fries should taste like with the added bonus of being a spoon! Shiok. Somemore $10.90 only! Remember to share!