Hitsumabushi @ 26.90++ at Man Man Japanese. Arrived at the entrance at about 9pm on a Wednesday, and there was a queue of about 5? But we managed to enter abt 10mins later. Place is pretty cramped as it is a small place and seats were placed pretty near to each other. Only about 5-6 seats are in front of the kitchen where you can see the chef doing the work. Unagi is really fresh and the sauce is good too. The broth comes in a flask and i finished the broth! It goes so well with the rice and unagi and diy freshly grinded wasabi, together with the seaweed spring onion garnish. I never eat wasabi elsewhere for i dislike the taste, but the fresh wasabi was really good. It isn't too pungent for my taste. And i finished up all the wasabi! Try it for if you detest wasabi!