If there is such as a thing as artisanal beancurd, Teck Seng Soya Bean Milk 德盛豆花水 might be it. Sold out by the early afternoon, the snaking queue is pretty intimating especially for a simple bowl of beancurd or soya bean milk. But the flavours and textures (as well as prices) were totally on point. At $1, the medium-sized bowl is just the right portion for a single soya bean lover like myself and if you are sharing please do get the big container at $1.70. Soft, silky, smooth and even melt-in-your-mouth, it certainly stands out from the rest for its rich soya bean aroma and distinct freshness (a unprocessed sweetness). Not at all cloying, the syrup also brought out the fragrance of the curd. And pair it up with with a cup of chilled “Michael Jackson” and you are good to go.