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Note: this picture is taken at the end of the meal. (Long and detailed review!!)

Paid $25.70 each after burpple discount for two pax. Do note that on top of the cost per pax, there’s $10++ per soup base and it doesn’t include drinks.

Firstly, the queue was long in-spite of the coronavirus so you would think it’s worth waiting and all that.

Next, burrple deals only eligible for seabass which is alright.

Soup - black bean and mala. Very oily, spicy (mala) and SALTY.

Quality of food - because it was salty, we had to order drinks (ploy alert!!) and even good dishes like beef and prawns felt meh because the soup was salty

Quantity of food - very filling! We couldn’t finish

Service - pot was burning our food and the staff didn’t regularly come and check to see if more soup is required but to be fair, they seem short of staff

I would recommend you to go just ONCE to give it a try because I was really excited about wanting to try the raved fish dish but now that I have, I don’t think I’ll come back.

Till the next review as I drown myself with water to get rid of the salt that will puff my cheeks tomorrow~