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The sheer variety of offerings in this upmarket food hall in Shaw Towers makes it a suitable location for many dining situations, be it brunch in town, workday lunch or most importantly, large group dinner gatherings with affordable Draft Denmark Fresh Lager ($5)! Apart from local hawker fare like Carrot Cake ($3) and Chicken Chop Rice ($6.50) as well as upscale dishes like French Duck Confit ($14.90), there are other unique offerings too. Burpple Tastemaker Jason Wong had the Egg Appam ($3.80) from The Ceylonese Affair, a stall that specialises in all things Sri Lankan. While the ones he had in Sri Lanka were neutral in flavour and served with a spicy condiment on the side, the version at The Ceylonese Affair offers a variety of sweet and savoury fillings, including peanut butter, chocolate and cheese. Follow Tastemaker Jason's lead and opt for the egg, which comes with a dash of black pepper on top and orange sugar on the side. He adds that while the practice of adding sugar to a savoury dish might seem strange at first, it sure tastes pretty good!
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Jason Wong