General: Service was so-so, not very good. It took quite a long while for the food to get served which was particularly stressful for me as I was rushing during lunch break from the office.

Chicken baguette: 4⭐️

The baguette was very crisp, which was good and the chicken was very well-marinated and tender, making it an enjoyable to eat. However, there was too much coriander for my liking (I don't like coriander much) hence the taste was quite overwhelming for me. I ended up individually removing the coriander :P

Fresh spring roll: 3.5⭐️

Too much of the noodles for my liking and very little prawn/meat inside. I think there was only 1 piece of prawn and 2 thin slices of meat in the spring roll. Besides that, the roll was wrapped quite well and the fillings didn't come bursting out (which I find very commendable given my previous attempts- )

Overall, it was quite worth it since I used the 1-for-1 however, if there was no 1-for-1 I don't think I would visit very often since it is slightly on the pricey side for me (student that just graduated so I have a tight budget)